Black Sound Lab

The Black Sound Lab, housed in the Digital Humanities and Social Engagement Cluster at Dartmouth College, is a newly formed research environment dedicated to the intersections of Black sonic life and digital work. The dual missions of the BSL are to work towards the decriminalization of Black sound and to amplify Black life through digital practice.    

Mapping the Displacement of Go-Go Music

One of the ways that I listen to gentrification’s impact on the vitality of go-go is through mapping. Go-go music is created and sustained through daily practice, and through mapping, I mark the places that go-go has frequented past and present, and also consider where it’s headed. 

Seeing the Sounds of Ward 1

This short spectrogram film, produced for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, details how integral go-go music and Black life are to the soundscapes of Washington, DC.