this is

a black neighborhood

Allie Martin’s “This is a Black Neighborhood” is an engaging art exhibit held at the Sarah Gormley Gallery in Columbus. The exhibition showcases interactive sound installations that bring to life the varied and rich experiences of Black neighborhoods. These installations, activated by motion sensors, immerse visitors in the unique sounds and stories from these communities, offering a vivid auditory journey.

The exhibit, crafted by Dr. Martin, serves as a powerful tool for storytelling and cultural expression. It highlights the diversity, resilience, and vibrancy of Black neighborhoods, moving beyond stereotypical narratives. Through these soundscapes, Martin offers an insightful glimpse into the everyday life and spirit of these communities.

“This is a Black Neighborhood” addresses significant social issues such as gentrification. It underscores the importance of preserving the cultural and auditory heritage of Black neighborhoods amidst changing urban landscapes. The exhibit brings attention to how these communities adapt and maintain their identity in the face of external challenges.