Black Covid Care

“Black Covid Care” is a project that shifts the narrative from Black suffering during the pandemic to stories of community care and support. It highlights how Black communities have united to provide care, from pop-up vaccination sites in Oakland to food programs in Greensboro. The initiative underscores that such acts of care, while extraordinary, are part of a longstanding tradition of mutual support in Black communities.

The project’s website employs a unique spatial theme to represent the vastness of Black care. Stories of care are categorized into six tags: Art, Education, Foodways, Health, Protest, Religion. These tags form constellations in a virtual galaxy, with each star representing a story and sound from Boomscat.

Users interact with the site by creating constellations, combining different stories and sounds associated with the tags. This interactive system generates new narratives, celebrating the diverse ways Black communities have supported each other during challenging times.